Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suck On This, Oprah

Tina Fey strikes gold again with her super-evil spot on spoof of everyone's favorite former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. Sometimes people who are already so ridiculous are not easy to spoof, but Miss Fey drives the knife in over and over again in this video parody, even poking at the hand that feeds her, NBC, a couple of times. This is what I used to love about "Saturday Night Live", the irreverence. When I started watching the show (from the very first episode in 1974!) it was the most sarcastic, irreverent and non-pc thing to ever hit the airwaves. Racism, mental retardation, feminist issues, the establishment, celebrities, and NBC were always up for a good skewering--with the notion that the opportunity and the ability to do so are what freedom of speech is all about. I think this clip is hilarious, firmly believing that this is not a possibility; and that Sarah Palin couldn't possibly run for President, she's such a buffoon. Right? Right? But with Ms. Palin on Fox News, and with her own new show on TLC (which is enough to make me want to boycott their airwaves) "Sarah Palin's Alaska", who knows what will happen between now and 2012? She might be the next Oprah. For the redneck crowd. That votes. This is a scenario scarier than "Nightmare On Elm Street".

SNL helped shape my irreverent and somewhat sarcastic take on life, but like most things that were young and unfettered, it has aged into an old lady that rarely challenges or offends. Or entertains. That is why I was so happy to see this clip of Tina Fey--a glimpse backwards at the old days of the show, when opinions were stated clearly with no fear of losing advertisers or viewers. If someone was offended, so what? This is America--you are not guaranteed a safe bubble to live in. Turn the channel. If Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012, I hope Oprah runs against might be our only chance.


  1. I agree, let's get the word out that if Sarah Palin is in the runnings, for everyone to write on the ballot "Oprah Winfrey" as the new president. lol

  2. I, too, grew up with SNL. I can still name who I was talking to on the phone when I first saw Steven Martin's King Tut skit. SNL is seminal for me in terms of sarcasm and anti-populist. I have missed that about it for years. Tina Fey was right on target.

    Keep explaining it all for me...count me in as a loyal reader all ready!

  3. you said mental retardation! How refreshing to hear olde english!

  4. well if she runs in 2012, oprah'd have to win the nomination of the party over the incumbent, but who're we kidding: even barack would want oprah in office, LOL.

    the SNL i grew up with was somewhat irreverent, but somewhat conciliatory as it is today. which makes sense, as in the lifespan of the show, the late 80s and 90s were a big transition. i most remember the chris farley/adam sandler/dana carvey/mike meyers et al version of the cast ~ legendary in their own way and obviously hilarious.

    even more recently, when tina was head writer, it was still somewhat funny, but seth meyers isn't really getting the job done for me. plus, the success of the show now hinges so much on celeb hosts ~ whose participation then hinges on being seen in the best possible light ~ that SNL just can't afford irreverence. sad.

  5. The more I learn about you the more I like you. Good post. She is a hoot on SNL. We need to laugh at it to keep from crying with the stupidity that is the GOP. Ron Regan called her and Michelle Bauchmann a few McNuggets short of a Happy Meal. It's so ture!

  6. I grew up on SNL too and have watched it swing from liberal to conservative and back to liberal... or maybe that was just liberal to boring and back? anyhoo, I would totally vote for Oprah.