Monday, April 12, 2010

IPhone? IPad? IGiveup.

I have had the original IPhone for almost 2 years now. It has basically replaced my computer (I don't know if that's a good thing) even though I hate typing on the tiny "virtual" keyboard. The software they came up with for that is sometimes hilarious, when it tries to figure out what you're going to spell--more than half the time when I go to sign my name it spells "Cher" for me. My friends and family would probably much rather hear from her anyway.

Recently, AT&T, the wardens of the imprisoned IPhone, were having some difficulty in my neighborhood (more specifically on my block), and my phone and all of it's "apps" (God, I hate that expression) became useless. I couldn't even call them to scream at them about my lack of service...I had to borrow a friend's phone. My phone had become as useful as a paperweight. This continued for several days, making business, communications, and plain old web-surfing as frustrating as talking between two tin cans attached with a string.

Now, they want me to go out and buy the (cue heavenly chorus) IPad. It looks like it gave birth to my IPhone. Does this thing work? All reports so far are that is doesn't really stay connected to the internet. That's like saying the brakes don't really stay connected on your car--makes it kind of useless. Still, I want to buy one, just to break free of the "big" computer, and, well, just to be "cool". How sad, really. That's how they sell millions of those suckers and nobody wants to say that it really doesn't work very well. When my phone is working at it's best, it's still a mediocre phone. Phone--isn't that in the name of this contraption? Shouldn't that be the part that works the best? If I had a dollar for every dropped call I could buy a large piece of Montana. That phone has almost made it through the window several times--I'm sure it flies well. Should I buy this overgrown IPhone? What did I do before this? Listen to people? Go out in public? Eat with two hands? Read? Watch more TV?

You know the second we all buy one, they will come out with something else--newer, faster, cheaper, cooler. What will it be?

I know--the IPorn.


  1. Everyone I've heard from who has one is raving about it and continues to rave about it now. It hasn't lost its "shiny new toy" appeal for them so I take that as a good sign.

    I want one as well, but like you, I know if I invest, they'll come out with something better the next day.

  2. oh God no… hopefully they do not come up with iPorn… can u imagine it?: "and this is our newest invention, we successfully made up something to replace sex"

    and well, it's the same old story, the never ending story… even when we get something we think is 'the new stuff' technology is way ahead of us…

    love chris!!

  3. iCreem uCreem we all creem for iPorn.

    I can just see the apps for that one now...

  4. i think things to replace sex have already been invented.

    i have no interest - just NONE - in the iPhone or iPad. then again, i have no friends and no real life, so i guess i'm not the target demographic.

    and M. March, it pleases me to no end that you also hate the phrase "apps." I much less ALONE in this world. (and hey! i love your blog! and you!)

  5. I personally love my I-Phone. Its smarter and more useful than most of my coworkers, and better to look at too.

    I am waiting on the I-Pad. Sometimes with a new product like that, all of the bugs are not worked out of the first version so I would rather wait until the 2.0 comes out.

  6. My i-phone's screen started to freeze right after the one year warranty ran out - actually, 5 days after!! Amazing, how that happens!!

    I hate the keyboard also. I do dog rescue, so one day I texted my son to "Get Katie at the kennel." Katie is my 15 year old daughter. It came out, "Fat Katie at the kennel." Katie was not happy. I need to learn to type on it!

  7. I would never buy first generation anything. Wait 6 months. Let them get all the kinks out first. I like my little toshiba I can throw in my purse for the internets.

  8. Apple has completely turned me to the Dark Side, so I bought an iPad on day one. In all honesty, I have no complaints and no problems connecting. Using it right now. Not meaning to sound like a fangrrl or anything like that but, fwiw, it does all the cool crap they said it would.

  9. I've had an iphone for just under a year and I'm an app whore! it's so fun I can't imagine my life without it... but it has not replaced my computer for things like blog posting and photo manipulation...