Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cuckoo for Coco

It was announced yesterday that Conan O'Brien would return to late night TV on the TBS network, bumping George Lopez to midnight while he takes over the 11 pm slot. I am so fucking happy Conan is returning to television--after the treatment he got from NBC and their favorite ass-clown, Jay Leno. Does anyone really like Jay Leno anyway? I have always considered him the iceberg lettuce of comedians--he's really boring by himself until you add bleu cheese and bacon. I probably watched less than 2 hours total of the "Tonight Show" while Jay Leno was the host. Only if the guest was just too irresistible to watch. His voice, his chin, his hair (with that one dyed-in black patch in the front so he looks "young") his motorcycle, his car collection and his Dorito ads have always bugged the hell out of me. That, and the fact that he was smug enough to think he ever deserved being on the "Tonight Show" in the first place. Maybe I am influenced by the first time I ever saw Jay Leno--25 years ago in Reno. I had to run from the building in the middle of his show and barf my guts out in the bushes.

I was sad when Conan left his New York late night spot for Los Angeles. I happened to be on their floor at 30 Rock filming some late night Bravo segment when they were unloading all their props and costumes. In front of the elevators, they just piled every thing you've ever seen on the show....the giant bowl of Nacho Cheese Dip, the Masturbating Bear costume, Pimp Bot, the collars from "the Year 2000" skits, wigs, shoes, rubber chickens and all the things they tried on the show, funny or not. That's what I love about Conan, he may not always be the funniest, but he never abandons his schtick just to be popular. And sometimes, sometimes, it is just downright hilarious in a way nothing else is. Even though NBC stripped him of some of his most popular characters in the buyout contract, we know Conan will be able to come up with some new ones, and have a blast trying. What will Jay do? Ask Miley Cyrus about her latest haircut? What an insufferable twit. Pardon me, what insufferable twits. I wish he would just disappear so we could all forget he ever existed. Like iceberg lettuce, would we really miss him?

I am counting the days until Conan starts at 11 pm, and we'll just see how many people turn the channel at 11:30.


  1. Viva la Coco and Viva la "Self-Pleasuring Panda"

    I think the move to TBS will suit Conan well and I can't wait until his return :D

  2. the only time i plan to change the channel is when lopez comes on, LMAO. he's about as insufferable and droll as leno. i swear, if it weren't for conan o'brein, jon stewart, and stephen colbert (oh and will & grace reruns, natch), i wouldn't even WATCH late night television. nbc made a huge mistake b/c in the long run, i think conan will end up the winner!

  3. I concur. I stopped watching The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson retired (How fantastic was his finale show w/ The Divine Ms. M?!?!) I tried watching it (Leno Tonight Show) once. ONCE. My friend Roy (who you know) gives a show 5 minutes to entertain him. 30 seconds into it, I was done. D.O.N.E. The comedy was so fucking bland I was bored to tears. His chin and hair also bother me to no end...
    Bill Moyers (one of the last, true journalists) left CBS after 10 years citing "declining news standards..." and "the dumbing down of the American populace..." I think Leno has contributed to the same shit: the dumbing down of comedy. If you are someone who can "write their own ticket" like Leno obviously can, why can't you demand to do some "controversial" material? Tina Fey manages to "bite the hand that feeds her" every week on "30 Rock" for god's sake...
    I only watch Letterman now. Leno can totally suck it.

  4. Honey, you are preaching to the choir.
    Leno is beige.

  5. "Maybe I am influenced by the first time I ever saw Jay Leno--25 years ago in Reno. "

    To think you had a chance to shoot him just to watch him die all those years ago...

  6. "The iceberg lettuce of comedians." Perfect, perfect, perfect.