Thursday, April 15, 2010

Runway Rundown: The Emilio Controversy

I'm not going to say much about it, because I said it all in this video...

....but you can judge for yourself. The judging, that is. "Project Runway" went into the shark humping stage after they totally manipulated the outcome of last week's show, to be sure that their golden boy, Emilio, would make it to Fashion Week. Watch and see for yourself, then see if you also might think that he should have EASILY gotten eliminated for the above stripper outfit made of shocking pink cord and washers. I know, I know....reality TV is not real. Trust me--if anyone knows that, I do. But could they at least make their manipulations plausible? Because if you do the slightest research into the ratings, they are losing business right and left. Maybe THAT will perk them up.


  1. Dear Chris,

    I was always a fan of yours of PR. One of the things I love most about you (besides the fact that you completely remind me of one of my best friends, Tom) is that you're not at all afraid to say it like it is. That's a great thing. So many people are afraid a) what others think; and b) to bite the hand that feeds them. PR may have been what got you noticed but you're right - Emilio? Really? I'm sure he's a nice enough guy but that bathing suit was horrid. You're completely right.

    I'm enjoying your blog - keep it up.

    Have a great day!

  2. ditto Sari, although I only WISH I had a friend reminiscent of Chris March!!!

    It would be kind of awesome to see what other (great) designers would do with some of these challenges, especially ones like this circus one, when all the actual contestants turned in such crap.

  3. Hi, Chris,
    Wondering still about why Maya left. There were a few times I felt she was passed over in favor of lesser garments (particularly the hardware show). What was with that? This year some judging has seemed more vicious than in other years. Could this be so? In one case, the guest judge was in favor of a particular garment, but the resident judges virtually shouted him down. Well, I believe I saw this also in the judging of one of your final garments, so maybe I'm being too sensitive.

    I have loved this show from the beginning and would hate to see it go away, but something seems amiss with the judging this season. (??)

    I enjoyed seeing your Meryl dresses and the lovely bouquet. Keep up the good work.

  4. I didn't understand the slavering over his dress either - but Hamburglar or not SA's jacket was fab.

  5. Well, I have some friends that really remind me of you and they all feel similarly ;-) Love the stapler-dress moment in the TVGuide spot; which brand did you use? Please tell me SwingLine! Cheers!

  6. For as much crap as Nina gave Maya over the season for being so "referential," why did they never pick on Emilio for his references to A) Albert Nippon (mother/daughter) B) Givenchy (fabric - short version of Audrey's lbd from Tiffany's) C) Lacroix - this challenge. Who was Emilio blowing to get to this point?

  7. Yes, it's the lame-ass judging that's turning everyone off. You could always tell who is going to make to the finale bec the bitchy and nasty ones always make it.

    Thx for your take on it. Hey, they shld make you a judge on PR!

  8. OMG you are hilarious... I thought that Emilio's bikini should have gotten him kicked off. and although i liked the aesthetic of his circus dress, I was SURE the judges wouldn't like it, but they LOVED it! go figure?

  9. preach brother! emilio's hardware outfit was a disaster... i couldn't believe they'd rationalize him staying after that. who are you rooting for though?