Thursday, May 20, 2010

Self Loathing Is Alive And Well In America

No, Nene, no! How could you have done it? What kind of world do we live in where this (formerly) gorgeous woman could look in the mirror and feel such self-loathing about her "ethnic" looking nose that she had a doctor hack into it and make her look like a drag queen at a Mary J. Blige look-alike contest? This "Real" Housewife of Atlanta is now "really" unappealing.

Oh, Nene.....I am stupified. There is no going back from this one, honey. I know how hard it is to keep your name alive in the public psyche, but this kind of stunt is just disgusting. Is she using Heidi Montag as a role model now? Aaaack!! I am so upset. I guest the next stop is Michael Jackson-Land. Will she start bleaching her skin next? What a sad commentary on how shallow and distant we have become from loving our real selves the way they are.

I am going to text Andy Cohen to see if he will talk about this on tonight's "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo. Maybe he can even get her on the phone to explain her self-mutilating actions. I almost feel like she wants to look thinner without losing weight, or she wants to change her identity because of her (now publicly discovered) dubious parentage.

Goodbye to the old Nene, we'll miss you.


  1. Oy! I haven't seen a nose job that bad since Jennifer Grey.

  2. You can't even tell that's the same person! And she used to be so pretty...

  3. That is really sad. I'll be watching Watch What Happens--hope Andy Cohen addresses it.

  4. Maybe she's just making a funny face? Maybe she's doing an impression of a Natalie Cole/Dawn Lewis from A Different World hybrid? *sigh* No, I have to accept she got butchered. Sad. She's unrecognizable.

  5. This Brilliant !!!!!!!