Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are

Hold the phone here folks--how can the Congress, the United States and the World continue to discuss the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court without mentioning the GIANT pink elephant in the room? (And I don't mean me wearing a tutu!)

That woman is a softball playing, Dinah Shore loving, cat owning, plaid wearing, power tool wielding, Playboy drooling, short haircut loving, sensible shoe wearing, Suze Orman worshipping, denim loving, Indigo Girl listening, dyed-in-the-wool carpet munching LESBIAN if ever I've seen one. And yet, so few media outlets even mention it. The morning of her nomination, I was laughing out loud at how obviously uncomfortable she looked in her matching pearl earrings and necklace. She is about as comfortable wearing jewelry as I am wearing a Speedo. Did she think she was going to stand up in front of the national news media and not get clocked in two seconds as a donut-bumper? Good lord honey, if ever there were such a thing as a "flaming lesbian" she fills the bill. I know, because I am a flaming faggot. I do not go on television and expect that people think I am straight, and just haven't found the right girl yet. Like Barry Manilow. Or Tom Cruise. Or Anderson Cooper. Come on Andy, we need you rooting for us out in the open. Tom, you can stay just where you are.

We need Elena Kagan rooting for us out in the open, too. What a breakthrough it would be (and an inspiration) for kids of all orientations to see someone living the American Dream. Out of the closet. Maybe she is a stealth bomber and realizes that she needs to keep quiet until she is confirmed. Let's hope so. She has already proven herself vocal in support of gay issues, so maybe the big announcement is on the way. Hopefully, in that fabulous Ellen way on the cover of People magazine. "Yep, I'm Gay." Wouldn't it be nice to see one of those with Ms. Kagan hugging her (not-so-secret) lover on the cover?

I'm envisioning one of those covers for lots of closeted famous folks...Ricky Martin did it and the world is still spinning along just fine. So, come on Elena, get yourself nominated, and then....Explode.


  1. love this. we need people in power to lead by example so everyone can see that being what you are is nothing more than just living and being what you are.


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  3. according to gawker, the reason that no news outlets are mentioning it is b/c when they do, the white house shuts their asses down hard...

    apparently, the washington post had an article saying something like "it'll be nice to have an out, gay lesbian on the SCOTUS," (a hidden barb there for sotomayor, methinks). the writer cited kagan's outhood while working at harvard, but the WH yanked the story, saying that she was straight and that the "rumors had no validity." *smh*

  4. As a flaming homo myself, I, too, would love to see an honest-to-goodness-openly-gay person in a position of power in this country.
    We ARE a part of the country, after all, and deserve recognition.
    Come on out, Elena, the water's fine.

  5. Oh my gosh Chris just loved this post and have to agree with everyone else about her coming out if she really is gay. She has done the work and clearly Obabma sees that the only thing bigger would be Oprah and Gayle finally coming out!

  6. I hope that, if she is a lesbian (and she seems to be), she is in stealth bomber mode.

    and you've put the need for celebrities to be out and proud very, very eloquently.

    I heart Chris March, indeed.

  7. I really hope the reason we aren't hearing about this is because they are trying to sneak her past the reich wing.

  8. Hey, why on earth should anyone's orientation be brought out in the open? I am straight, but I wouldn't like to show off my husband on a magazine cover if i were a celebrity of any kind. If being gay is just as normal as being straight, why advertise it? It's like advertising any other physiological aspects of life.