Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Men Jib-Jab Movie!! Starring Me and Meryl Streep!

Click HERE to watch!


  1. Yeah! You got a blog!

    I've seen you on Project Runway (I just started watching the show online a few days ago) and I've really become a fan of yours from the first episode on.
    You're just so likeable and funny and make everything know ... a little more light-hearted! Of course it's a serious and hard competition and it also has to be - but I think you gave joy to this competition and made it enjoyable even in hard times. I'd guess some of the other contesters are thankful for that, too.
    But that's not all : I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS! They're just adorable. As I think you have an unique sense of elegance and ... yes, I simply love it!

    Sorry for the misatakes I make. I'm from Düsseldorf in Germany; English isn't my native language.

    "Regards" (is this how you end a letter in English?),


  2. I have only just started watching episodes of Project Runway and have to say that your designs are marvellous and you are a real gentleman. Congratulations on dressing Meryl Streep in the black and the white...stunning outfits that suit. You are the BEST!...funny, warm hearted and sooooo talented.
    Shirley in Tasmania