Friday, April 22, 2011

Like "Water for Elephants"!!!

I made this promo video for Bravo about the costumes in the movie "Water for Elephants". Okay, so I did it basically so I might possibly get to go to the premiere and lay my eyes on Robert Pattinson in person. I got to go to the premiere...I got to see him in person...totally worth it. Who wouldn't let this guy bite him?

Seriously, this is actually a good movie, with BEAUTIFUL costumes, set in the early thirties at a fabulously gritty traveling circus.

Go see it.

Reese who?

Seeya soon, Chris


  1. Chris-
    I just happened upon your blog tonight after somehow accidently seeing online that you have a new show picked up by BRAVO. Well, that is soooo exciting! You were far and above my favorite of all time from Project Runway both personality wise and design wise. Your final runway was phenomenal! I felt you should have won. Anyway...I loved the white dress you did for Meryl Streep and just saw another on your website that was equally wonderful on her.

    So anyway....I justed wanted to let you know you are my favorite BRAVO designer and I'm happy that I'll see you soon back on BRAVO. about Apprentice? NeNe let us down....if she'd only stuck in there. I loved how she said what everyone else thought...unfortunately, I think she thought The Donald thought less of her for the things she said. If she'd just stuck it out...she would have seen that Trump finally started to see through Star.

    I went into this not liking Star and I dislike her even more. I'm sure she'll be shattered by that. Anyway...I was hoping NeNe would win the whole thing and now....I'm rooting for MeatLoaf although he just about imploded tonight.

    I have a blog I'll add you to my blog I can read all your posts.

  2. I love your fashion, and would love to know how you made your wig above.......i love to make costumes too, but am slowly learning the tricks but fabrication is hard to learn without a sensei.....can you give any clues or books to used for learning these tricks?

  3. I just love you and your designs!
    you are amazing!

  4. I love rereading your blog! Hurry back to start it again!!